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Assignment length requirements are usually given in terms of numbers of words.

Unless the lecturer tells you that these limits are strict, it is normally acceptable to be 10% above or below this word limit (so, for example, a 2000 word assignment should be between 1800 and 2200 words). If the assignment uses the words “up to” (as in “up to 2500 words”) that usually means that you cannot go above the limit.

Use the tool below to calculate the acceptable range for an assignment (based on +/- 10%).

Unless the lecturer tells you otherwise, the word limit does not include ‘administrative’ sections of the assignment: the cover or title page, table of contents, table of figures, reference list, list of works cited, bibliography, or any appendices.

The word limit that you are given reflects the level of detail required . This means that if your assignment is too long, you're either taking too many words to explain your point or giving too many / too detailed examples. If your assignment is too short, either there is more to the answer than you have written or the assignment has not gone into enough detail about the answer.

  • Don't try to remove single words from your assignment. It is unlikely to reduce the assignment's length significantly, but it may confuse your argument . Instead, aim to remove or condense whole sections of your assignment.
  • You should not include something just because it is a fact, or just because it is included in your course materials. Include something only if it is relevant to your argument.
  • Be direct. State your point rather than writing many paragraphs to ‘lead up’ to it.
  • Go back to the question . Which sections relate to the point and which are secondary?
  • Go back to the plan . Which paragraphs fit in the overall structure? Which paragraphs overlap and can be combined?
  • Remove sections where you
  • Over-explain your point
  • Over-specify your point
  • Repeat yourself
  • Write off-topic or ramble
  • Remove multiple examples where one or two are sufficient.
  • Remove hedging language that adds little to the argument (e.g., it would seem that, it is possible that).

If you are often over the word count you should look at your writing style. See writing concisely for more.

Explain your argument fully

  • Make sure every argument in your head and in your plan is on the page.
  • Would a general (i.e., non-specialist) reader understand your point? Have someone else read over your assignment and ask you questions about it. What do they think is missing?
  • Are there gaps in your argument?
  • Does each point logically follow the last one, or do you jump over important points?

Look for the ‘hidden’ answer

  • What theories do you think the marker expects?
  • How does this relate to the materials from lectures and study guides? Use the course information in your answer to the assignment question.
  • Are there complications or contradictions in the argument or in your research? Explain them and explore them.

Flesh it out

  • Define any special terminology you've used that a general reader would not be familiar with.
  • Illustrate with more examples and/or quotations.
  • Contextualise and explain the quotations you use. How do they relate to your argument?

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Q. How long should the introduction and conclusion of an essay be?

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The introduction and conclusion should both be approximately 10% of the overall essay word count. For example, if you write a 1500 word essay, your introduction and conclusion will be around 150 words each.

Click on the Links under More Information below for Infosheets in the following areas:

  • Academic writing: Academic essay
  • Academic Writing: Essay introductions
  • Academic Writing: Essay conclusions
  • Prewriting: Essay plan

More Information

  • INFOSHEET: Academic Essay
  • INFOSHEET: Essay Introduction
  • INFOSHEET: Essay Conclusions
  • INFOSHEET: Prewriting: Essay plan
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How to Write a 1500-Word Essay: Structure & Example [UPD 2023]

In this article, you'll find 1500-word essayw riting tips and a great example.

Well, you have to write a 1500-word paper, and it seems nothing can be as complicated as the structure of such a paper. In this article, we will give you the guidelines that will help produce a well-structured 1500-word essay . Also, we’ve prepared a great 1500-word essay example for you. Let’s dive in!

📝 How to Write a 1500-Word Essay?

📋 1500-word essay structure, 📑 1500-word essay example, 🔗 references.

You might be asking yourself: how to write a 1500-word essay ? And what exactly should you do? In this section, we’ve prepared for you useful information and tips . Let’s go!

  • First of all, before starting with your paper, you should answer the following question. What type of essay am I going to write? There are 8 main types of essays , including:
  • Descriptive
  • Argumentative
  • Classification
  • Compare and contrast
  • Cause and effect

If you want to learn more about each of the types, read our article .

  • Then you need to choose a topic. Here you have plenty of options. It depends on your area of interest or a task. If you want to get some inspiration, read our blog post on 100 ideas for your essay topic!
  • Next, you can start doing research, creating a thesis statement, and writing down your outline. Don’t forget that an outline is an essential part of writing an essay! It is a plan that will guide you through.

Also, don’t forget these important rules when writing your 1500-word essay:

The list contains 5 steps to succeed when writing your 1500-word essay.

Let’s discuss how to structure a 1500-word essay . Also, you can find 5 essential tips for your essay structure down below. A 1500-word essay structure does not differ from any other essay type. It consists of:

  • Introduction – where you have to present the subject under consideration. Usually, an introduction ends with a thesis statement . Include some catchy information in the introduction of your 1500-word essay to attract the reader’s attention.
  • Main Body – where you support your thesis statement with arguments and evidence. Use statistical data, quotations, real-life examples, and reasonable explanations to support your thesis statement. You can divide the body of your paper into several paragraphs. Usually, the main body of a 1500-word paper consists of 5 to 6 paragraphs.
  • Conclusion – where you sum up the whole work done. You should mention your thesis statement once again and summarize the arguments. The concluding paragraph should be impressive too. Our advice is to use rhetorical questions or emotionally colored words for this purpose.

Remember these 5 important tips when writing your essay:

  • You shouldn’t give any answers or detailed information in your introduction.
  • Don’t forget to provide a summary of your arguments in conclusion !
  • Don’t mention any new information in conclusion.
  • Set aside a separate paragraph for each new argument.
  • Avoid unnecessary details in your 1500-word essay. Do not waste free space on something that has no value.

If you want to learn more about writing an essay, read this article on our blog.

After you’ve studied our tips, it’s time to have a look at a 1500-word essay example!

We’ve prepared a useful writing prompt .

We believe that an excellent example with some useful commentaries is a must! Hope you find your inspiration here. Let’s begin!

Origins of Gender Roles: Biological, Social & Other Reasons

Other 1500-word essay samples.

In this section, you’ll find 50 1500-word essay examples written by straight-A students. The samples focus on various issues.

  • Recovery and relapse prevention plan in psychiatry  
  • Tesla Motors’ external and internal environments  
  • Addressing incivility in nursing practice  
  • Striate cortical damage in monkeys and humans
  • Importance of resource management system  
  • Efficacy of movement-oriented restorative care  
  • Cash flow statement: methods and examples  
  • Human and sex trafficking in Spain
  • Professional nursing: family intervention plan  
  • Apple Inc.’s strategic, macro and Micro analyses
  • Differential diagnoses with rationales  
  • Aspects of contemporary art
  • Marketing of financial products: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • Chinese experiencing end-of-life care  
  • Overcoming change at workplace
  • Importance of gun control
  • Healthcare psychiatry issues in nursing in Australia  
  • Emirates National Oil Company: a case study
  • The coronary artery bypass graft & nursing care
  • Literary techniques and ethnicity role in screenwriting
  • Organisational control process
  • Clinical nursing leadership analysis  
  • Classroom learning and teaching strategies
  • Exchange rate in the UK: empirical examination of the monetary model
  • Managing and improving quality grading criteria in healthcare  
  • Strategy development in management organization
  • Social psychology and theories of group influence
  • Nursing: hand washing techniques  
  • Emirates Airlines company’s ways of generating change
  • Conceptualization of health  
  • Supply chain of British Airways
  • Professional nursing practice: concepts and perspectives
  • Richard Lewis’ proposed trends of 21st century
  • Proposed solutions to the issue of homelessness
  • Teenage developmental stages  
  • The impact of the shadow economy
  • Advanced practice nursing in home care  
  • The life of the killer Ted Bundy
  • International trade and effects of technology in the job market
  • The outcomes of appliance digital therapeutics in healthcare  
  • Foundational philosophies of management
  • Contract law and its legal principles
  • The availability of open data sources for nursing professionals  
  • Strategic analysis of Palm Co
  • Developing and sustaining innovation in healthcare organisations  
  • IBM: managing organizational change
  • Avian influenza: emerging infectious diseases  
  • Ecological and social sustainability
  • Epidemiology paper part one: descriptive model  
  • Short run versus long run production

📍 How Many Pages Are 1500 Words?

If you use 12 pt font and single spacing, you’ll get around 3 pages . If you go for double spacing , you’ll get twice as much – 6 pages .

📍 How Long Does It Take to Write 1500 Words?

The time of writing a 1500-word essay will depend on how you are familiar with the topic. However, on average, it takes around 5 hours . Don’t forget that you might need some additional time for editing.

📍 How Long Should an Introduction Be for a 1500-Word Essay?

Usually, an introduction should be around 10% of the overall length of the essay. It means that for your 1500-word paper, an introduction will be around 150 words .

📍 How Many Paragraphs Are 1500 words?

There are no definite rules on how many paragraphs are 1500 words. Let’s consider that your intro and conclusion are 150 words each. Also, every main body paragraph should be around 250 words. Then you should have approximately 7 paragraphs in your 1500-word essay .

  • Sample Essay – University of Exeter
  • Introduction and Conclusion – CQ University Australia
  • Essay Structure – Harvard University
  • The Basics of Essay Writing – UNSW Sydney
  • Write Your Essay – UNSW Sydney
  • Guidelines for Essay Writing – University College Dublin
  • Essay Writing Tips – Deakin University
  • English Literature Writing Guide – The University of Edinburgh

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good guidline for a person like me who need to know the content and the length of 1500 words essay.

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  • How long is an essay? Guidelines for different types of essay

How Long is an Essay? Guidelines for Different Types of Essay

Published on January 28, 2019 by Shona McCombes . Revised on July 23, 2023.

The length of an academic essay varies depending on your level and subject of study, departmental guidelines, and specific course requirements. In general, an essay is a shorter piece of writing than a research paper  or thesis .

In most cases, your assignment will include clear guidelines on the number of words or pages you are expected to write. Often this will be a range rather than an exact number (for example, 2500–3000 words, or 10–12 pages). If you’re not sure, always check with your instructor.

In this article you’ll find some general guidelines for the length of different types of essay. But keep in mind that quality is more important than quantity – focus on making a strong argument or analysis, not on hitting a specific word count.

Table of contents

Essay length guidelines, how long is each part of an essay, using length as a guide to topic and complexity, can i go under the suggested length, can i go over the suggested length, other interesting articles, prevent plagiarism. run a free check..

In an academic essay, the main body should always take up the most space. This is where you make your arguments, give your evidence, and develop your ideas.

The introduction should be proportional to the essay’s length. In an essay under 3000 words, the introduction is usually just one paragraph. In longer and more complex essays, you might need to lay out the background and introduce your argument over two or three paragraphs.

The conclusion of an essay is often a single paragraph, even in longer essays. It doesn’t have to summarize every step of your essay, but should tie together your main points in a concise, convincing way.

The suggested word count doesn’t only tell you how long your essay should be – it also helps you work out how much information and complexity you can fit into the given space. This should guide the development of your thesis statement , which identifies the main topic of your essay and sets the boundaries of your overall argument.

A short essay will need a focused, specific topic and a clear, straightforward line of argument. A longer essay should still be focused, but it might call for a broader approach to the topic or a more complex, ambitious argument.

As you make an outline of your essay , make sure you have a clear idea of how much evidence, detail and argumentation will be needed to support your thesis. If you find that you don’t have enough ideas to fill out the word count, or that you need more space to make a convincing case, then consider revising your thesis to be more general or more specific.

The length of the essay also influences how much time you will need to spend on editing and proofreading .

You should always aim to meet the minimum length given in your assignment. If you are struggling to reach the word count:

  • Add more evidence and examples to each paragraph to clarify or strengthen your points.
  • Make sure you have fully explained or analyzed each example, and try to develop your points in more detail.
  • Address a different aspect of your topic in a new paragraph. This might involve revising your thesis statement to make a more ambitious argument.
  • Don’t use filler. Adding unnecessary words or complicated sentences will make your essay weaker and your argument less clear.
  • Don’t fixate on an exact number. Your marker probably won’t care about 50 or 100 words – it’s more important that your argument is convincing and adequately developed for an essay of the suggested length.

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In some cases, you are allowed to exceed the upper word limit by 10% – so for an assignment of 2500–3000 words, you could write an absolute maximum of 3300 words. However, the rules depend on your course and institution, so always check with your instructor if you’re unsure.

Only exceed the word count if it’s really necessary to complete your argument. Longer essays take longer to grade, so avoid annoying your marker with extra work! If you are struggling to edit down:

  • Check that every paragraph is relevant to your argument, and cut out irrelevant or out-of-place information.
  • Make sure each paragraph focuses on one point and doesn’t meander.
  • Cut out filler words and make sure each sentence is clear, concise, and related to the paragraph’s point.
  • Don’t cut anything that is necessary to the logic of your argument. If you remove a paragraph, make sure to revise your transitions and fit all your points together.
  • Don’t sacrifice the introduction or conclusion . These paragraphs are crucial to an effective essay –make sure you leave enough space to thoroughly introduce your topic and decisively wrap up your argument.

If you want to know more about AI tools , college essays , or fallacies make sure to check out some of our other articles with explanations and examples or go directly to our tools!

  • Ad hominem fallacy
  • Post hoc fallacy
  • Appeal to authority fallacy
  • False cause fallacy
  • Sunk cost fallacy

College essays

  • Choosing Essay Topic
  • Write a College Essay
  • Write a Diversity Essay
  • College Essay Format & Structure
  • Comparing and Contrasting in an Essay

 (AI) Tools

  • Grammar Checker
  • Paraphrasing Tool
  • Text Summarizer
  • AI Detector
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Citation Generator

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If you want to cite this source, you can copy and paste the citation or click the “Cite this Scribbr article” button to automatically add the citation to our free Citation Generator.

McCombes, S. (2023, July 23). How Long is an Essay? Guidelines for Different Types of Essay. Scribbr. Retrieved September 25, 2023, from

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How to Write A 1500 Word Essay: An Ultimate Guide

10 percent of 1500 word essay

Essays (like 1500 Word Essay) are unavoidable in the academic world. In the academic process, they are extremely important. Assignments are the point of focus in today’s education system. Academic essay assignments are a source of embarrassment for many students. However, essay assignments must not be overlooked. When writing an essay, you must demonstrate your writing and thinking abilities, as well as your knowledge, skills, and experience. One of the most effective ways for professors to assess student performance is through essay or paper writing. As a result, leniency would be tantamount to inviting trouble.

You will be assigned to write various types of essays with varying word counts throughout your college career. I’ll talk about the 1500-word essay in this blog. It’s not as simple as it appears to be to write a 1500-word essay. Keep an eye out for the answer in this blog if you want to know how to write the best 1500-word essay.

A 1500 Word Essay Is How Many Pages?

When single-spaced paging is used, three pages are produced. You’ll end up with 6 pages if you use double-spaced writing (as in MLA or APA style formats).

A 1500-Word Essay Has How Many Paragraphs?

Depending on how you structure your 1500-word essay, it will have 8 to 10 paragraphs. We’ll end up with 8 paragraphs if we take about 5-6 paragraphs for the body parts and add the first and last paragraphs. Even so, it’s a good idea to use as many paragraphs as you think you’ll need.

How Long Should a 1500-Word Essay’s Introduction Be?

The introduction should make up about 10% of the total word count in most cases. Because we’re writing a 1500-word essay, the introduction should be around 150 words long unless otherwise specified.

How Long Should A 1500-Word Essay’s Conclusion Be?

This section accounts for 10% of the overall essay, just like the Introduction. It should be between 150 and 200 words long, with a call to action in the final sentence. Your conclusion should not be overly broad and should be without any new ideas implemented.

How Many References Should You Include in a 1500-Word Essay?

Your subject and methodology will always be factors. Your teacher will usually specify the number of references, but if not, feel free to use as many as you need to make your paper interesting!

Do not, however, overlook the issue of plagiarism! Only one-of-a-kind work is worthy of receiving the highest grade, so don’t cram too many references into your paper. Maintain a healthy balance between your ideas and the evidence that backs up your claim. Additionally, to avoid plagiarism issues, properly cite each source of information.

How Long Does A 1500-Word Essay Take to Write?

If the topic is not too difficult, most students can complete a 1500-word essay in two to three days. Due to their lack of writing skills, students often have little to no time. Some students, however, are still capable of writing 1500 words in a day. If you’ve done some preliminary research and the topic truly inspires you, it might take a few hours. As a result, the answer will always be based on a person’s skills, abilities, grading rubric analysis, and the availability of relevant resources.

A 1500-Word Essay Sample Guide

An essay has three sections, as previously stated. The introduction comes first, followed by the essay’s body, and finally, the conclusion. So, let’s take a look at how to precisely write each part.

Structure of a 1500-Word Essay

Let’s take a closer look at the components of a 1500-word essay. You’ll also find 5 crucial essay structure tips further down on this page. The structure of a 1500-word essay is the same as any other. It has the following components:

• Introduction – this is where you introduce the topic you’re going to discuss. A thesis statement typically concludes an introduction. In the introduction of your 1500-word essay, include some eye-catching information to draw the reader in.

• Main Body – this is where you provide evidence and arguments to back up your thesis statement. To back up your thesis statement, use statistics, quotes, real-life examples, and rational explanations. The body of your paper can be broken down into multiple paragraphs. A 1500-word paper usually has 5–6 paragraphs in the main body.

• Concluding remarks – this is where you summarize your entire project. Your thesis statement should be re-stated, and the arguments should be summed up. The last paragraph must be equally impressive. For this purpose, we recommend using rhetorical questions or emotionally charged language. The conclusion is broken down into three sections:

  • Restatement of the thesis
  • A summary of the essay’s most important points
  • Looks back on the title and forward to the future

While these three sections are critical in conclusion, there are a few other things to think about when writing an essay.

  • There should never be any quotes or new information in your conclusion.
  • Make your conclusion the same way you did your introduction.
  • All of your points should be succinctly summarized in the conclusion.
  • Your essay should provide a sense of completion to the reader, as well as an opportunity for discussion.

Approach to Take While Writing A 1500-Word Essay

Students frequently believe that writing a 1500-word essay requires a different strategy, but this is not the case. The basic essay-writing procedure will not change. Begin with an intriguing introduction before moving on to the main body of the essay. Bring up your arguments with evidence to back them up in the middle section. Finally, write a conclusion for your essay. However, in order to achieve your goal, you must first follow certain rules.

Read Through the Essay Prompts Several Times to Ensure That You Understand Them Completely

This is usually skipped by students. They do not correctly read the essay prompt or question. How will you be able to write a perfect essay if you don’t understand what your professor expects from your essay? As a result, carefully read your essay prompt and seek clarification from your professor if you have any doubt.

Put A Timeline for Your Essay

Setting a deadline for your essay is the second most important thing you can do to keep it from lingering. Set a deadline if you want to finish your essay on time. You will be able to manage your work more efficiently if you create a timeline.

Keep in Mind to Be Knowledgeable About the Subject

You cannot begin an essay bluntly if you are serious about writing it. To begin, familiarize yourself with the subject. First, get some background information on the subject. You’ll need to do some research to accomplish this. Collect data from a variety of books or reputable websites. To gather good quality information for your essay, you can go to various informative websites such as Jstor, Springer, and so on.

Increase Your Typing Speed

You should also pay attention to how fast you type. Because they don’t have a good grip on the keyboard, the majority of students miss deadlines. To finish your essay on time, you must maintain a good typing speed. Within 3 to 4 hours, a 1500-word essay should be completed. You might suffer from your submission if you have more time than that. Slow typers should seek the assistance of online academic assignment writers in order to complete their essays in a timely manner.

Create an Outline

Make an outline of the essay before you begin writing the final draft. Making an outline first will help you structure your essay. Choose a hook statement or proverb for your essay and arrange your ideas chronologically. Make a plan for how you’ll present your arguments. There is a good chance that you will get good grades in the essay if you make an outline first.

Read, Re-read and Edit

Your essay is now complete. A final step ensures that the work is of high quality. Proofreading and editing are the next steps in the process. Consider your essay and read it several times to catch any mistakes. Keep the following in mind when proofreading your work:

  • Check to see if paragraphs are connected and in order.
  • Make sure your opening paragraph is correct. It should consist of the three parts listed above.
  • Examine your essay to see if it adheres to the university’s requirements.
  • Double-checking citations is a must.
  • Keep an eye out for spelling and grammar errors. Students from non-English speaking countries, in particular, should have their grammar checked by professionals.

Avoid Distractions

Last but not least, students should avoid all types of distractions when writing an essay. Only if you are willing to cancel a meeting with a friend or postpone a trip somewhere for a few days in order to focus on your studies will you produce a good essay. Distractions can steal your focus, leaving you pressed for time.

Your 1500-word essay is ready for submission if you followed all of the above-mentioned instructions carefully. Students who are still struggling can seek essay assistance.

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1500-Word Essay Samples Free

499 samples of this type

A 1500-word essay is a standard undergraduate college assignment. You might need to write an essay of such a length on almost any discipline: psychology, economics, philosophy, marketing, linguistics, etc. While writing a paper of 1500 to 1600 words, you will need to demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the topic and the ability to structure your thoughts well.

Crime Prevention Programs and Criminal Rehabilitation

Introduction The success of the human civilization is largely attributed to the establishment of laws and the subsequent following of these laws by all the members of the society. However, it can be expected that not everyone will choose to follow the set laws out of their own free will....

Advertising to Children and Social Responsibility

Advertising is a device by which “artificial” tastes are created. Advertising is one of numerous elements that influence a consumer’s spending decisions. Because advertising is available to all who would sell a product or service, no single message can possibly dominate our attention. This applies as much to decisions between...

Communication: People-to-People vs. People-to-Devices

Introduction This paper summarizes our study of the correlation between face-to-face communication and communication via social media. After describing our research activities, we provide some comments concerning the ethical challenges that we encountered in our study. Finally, we identify the main themes that emerged in the process of researching and...

A Clean Well Lighted Place Analysis: Summary, Characters, & Themes

Read this A Clean, Well Lighted Place character analysis to learn all about the old waiter, the visitor, and other characters. This A Clean, Well-Lighted Place theme essay also provides the story’s summary, looks into its topics, elaborates on “A Clean Well Lighted Place” meaning, and explores the significance of...

“Grief” a Poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Writing about poems is always interesting and challenging. The analysis of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s poem is not an exception. On the one hand, it is a real challenge to understand the meaning of each word in the poem and the intentions of the writer. On the other hand, it is...

How Many Pages Is a 1500-Word Essay?

Depending on the line spacing, a text of 1500 words takes 3 to 6 pages. All the most common citation styles imply that an essay is double-spaced and written in 12-point Times New Roman. This is about 250 words per page. You might want to use a different font, but a double-spaced 1500-word essay will anyway take about 6 pages.

How Many Paragraphs Is a 1500-Word Essay?

A 1500-word essay contains 10 to 15 paragraphs on average. The length of a typical academic paragraph is about 100 words. You should include at least four sentences in your paragraph.

1500-Word Essay Structure

A paper of 1500 words is not necessarily an essay. Such a length is also suitable for an extended essay, research paper, or term paper. In addition to the introduction, body, and conclusion, you might need to include other elements, like an abstract, methods, and discussion. This will depend on the genre of your assignment.

How Long Does a 1500-Word Essay Take?

It will take you about 30 to 60 minutes to type 1500 words on your keyboard, depending on your typing speed. However, if you also need to perform research, make a reference list, add in-text citations, and graphic materials, you’ll need more time – not less than 5 hours for 1500 words.

How Long Should an Introduction Be for a 1500 Word Essay?

An average introduction length of a 1500-word essay should be 225 words. The exact requirements will be given by your professor.

Philosophers Views about Reason

Introduction Philosophers such as Aristotle, Kant, and Mill dedicated a lot of their time in understanding reason and its role in day-to-day life. The reason is commonly understood as the power to think about using the human mind. People believe that it is the power to think that sets humans...

Biomedical Technology and Innovation Issues

Three technical/scientific/biomedical questions of a potential investor in a joint venture with WPI The first question that hast to be posed is: How the biotech startup is going to overcome regulatory roadblocks in the process of commercialization of the technology? The question is extremely important because all human cells, tissues...

Truth & Myth in O’Brien’s “The Things They Carried”

Introduction Literature as art aims at retrieving readers’ emotions by conveying accurately created characters, plots, and symbols. In such a way, those who read a literary work obtain an opportunity not only to receive information but also to relive it through the author’s experience. In its essence, therefore, literature cannot...

CDS: Professional and Scholarly Tasks

Executive Summary The report essentially entails how the CDS has helped the learners carry out researches and assignments in other modules of study. The report has discussed how the CDS prepares the learners for both the professional and scholarly tasks in the outside world. To a large extent, the report...

The Poor Will Always Be With Us

Poverty is one of the main social problems affected society since ancient times. Some researchers suppose that poverty can be illuminated by hard work and better education, increased wages and stable economic development. In the book, Nickel and Dimed B. Ehrenreich describes her investigation of poor working class conditions and...

William Bradford: Traveller, the Puritan, the Hebraist

In colonial times there were many interesting characters that came from Europe and settled in the New World. They brought with them hopes and dreams of a better future – into a country that many of them compared to the biblical Promised Land. There were strong-willed men who defied rulers...

“Afterimage” by Helen Humphreys

Literature is a source for human imagination. It is impossible to imagine our world without literature. When people read a book they are involved in the process with such power that it is sometimes impossible for them to tear themselves away from the book. People relax when they read books,...

Legitimacy of Multi-Level Marketing Methods

Introduction The idea of multi-level Marketing involves the recruitment of salespersons who will buy the product to sell at the same time recruit more members to the team. In most cases, this system is viewed as flawed as it emphasizes recruiting more members than selling the product. Thus, Companies that...

The Practice of Supply Chain Management

The supply chain incorporates processes aimed at meeting customer requirements and demands. The activities are associated with the flow of goods and transformation from the raw materials stage to point of end-use. Additionally, it entails the flow of information and funds (Terry and Hau 43). The stages involved include the...

Race and Identity in Milton Murayama’s “Plantation Boy”

The novel Plantation Boy Literature is often a reflection of society as seen through the writer’s eyes. In his works, the author usually tries to convey an idea, his understanding of a particular problem, or the entire worldview. Sometimes, the path of fiction leads the author far back reassessing all...

“The Traumatic Experience of Maturation in Quinceanera” by Cofer

Quinceanera is a poem by Judith Ortiz Cofer, published in 1991. The poem vividly represents the Hispanic tradition of celebrating a teenage girl’s coming of age. This transition is a rather troublesome and confusing experience, as the narrator balances between the polar opposite emotions. The author applies several literary elements,...

Climate Change: The Leading Cause of Global Warming

Introduction This essay will provide a discussion of the causes, effects, and possible solutions to climate change. The earth’s average temperature is about 15 degrees Centigrade, but sometimes it varies for several reasons, a fluctuation called climate change (National Climate Assessment, 2014). This alteration results in a lasting change in...

ISO 9001 Company Quality System

Executive Summary This report introduces the process of a company quality system implementation. The issue is addressed from the perspective of an aspiring leader who is yet to acquire the respect and confidence of their followers. A good quality system acknowledges the complexity of the business landscape that comprises both...

Amazon’s Marketing Audit: Strengths and Weaknesses, Marketing Objective

Background Amazon is one of the world’s most successful technology companies which uses artificial intelligence for practical eCommerce. Amazon was founded in July 1995 by Jeff Bezos in Washington DC (Sheth, 2021). The primary strategy Amazon uses is customer obsession which depends on Research and Development (R&D) to tailor its...

Aspects of Price Elasticity of Demand

Introduction The work of any company critically depends on its ability to analyze the market and its target audience. The fact is that the modern business environment is a complex phenomenon impacted by numerous factors. It also means that companies have to work in a highly changeable environment as altering...

  • Historical Figures
  • Communication

Communication in Shops: Face-to-Face vs. via Devices

Introduction It is clear that social media play a significant role in a contemporary person’s life. The study that we conducted was aimed at understanding the correlation between face-to-face communication and communication via devices and social media between people while they were buying things in big shops. This paper goes...

Nationhood, Its Benefits and Pitfalls

Nationhood may someday acquire the same reputation as race has taken on since scientific DNA studies demonstrated humanity’s overwhelming kinship. In the meantime, until history can demonstrate that nationhood is as much a fabrication as race, nation states rank up there with another human fabrication – religious denomination – as...

Afghani and Anti-Soviet Intelligence Operations

Introduction The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) gathers intelligence, which helps in making vital decisions and policy directions in the United States. The intelligence may include terrorism, cyber-attacks, drug trafficking, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and regional conflict. In the Soviet Union, the CIA played the role of collecting...

“Strange Sounds: Music, Technology and Culture” by Taylor

Abstract Globalization is rightfully considered one of the major influences shaping the modern world. Aside from its direct influence in economic and political areas, its impact can be traced in social, cultural, and artistic domains, including music. However, the connection between globalization and music remains among the least popular topics...

Dell Technologies’ Company Analysis

Company Introduction Dell Technologies, most often referred to as Dell, is an international company that produces computer hardware and software (Dell Technologies, “Company Information”). The firm was founded in the United States in 1984 and has been providing services worldwide for many years. Its headquarters are based in Round Rock,...

American Early Elective Delivery in Nursing

Introduction The accuracy of research depends on the application of an appropriate methodology (Heyvaert, Maes, & Onghena, 2013). Researchers ought to ensure that they gather adequate data. Besides, they are supposed to use practical methods of data analysis and to mitigate possible biases. Proper preparation can go a long way...

Education History and Globalization

Tools of Learning described by Kalantzis and Cope The learning tools that Kalantzis and Cope describe center on the role of information and communication technology. One of the most popular ICT tools is the digital learning media loom which is large and acts as both a communications technology and a...

Knights in Literature: Sir Gawain, Canterbury Tales, & Beowulf Analysis

There are some Knight’s Period stories that everybody knows, or maybe, heard about, but if one strives for a deeper understanding and acknowledgment of their main themes and ideas, it is necessary for him or her to analyze them, compare some of their characters with one another. Therefore, the following...

Emancipation and the Middle East War

Introduction It is at the heart of the war; the Civil War. President Abraham Lincoln is faced with a tough decision of whether to sign or not to sign the Emancipation Proclamation. If he does, all the slaves (African –Americans) would leave their masters and possibly join forces with the...

The Phenomenon of the ADHD Disorder

Introduction Concerning this issue, the paper analyzes the facts represented for whether or not attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is real. The disorder has been analyzed according to the views of two articles. One of the articles argues that the condition is a real disorder while the other does not express this perception...

  • Christianity
  • Globalization

“Gladiator” by Ridley Scott

Introduction Gladiator is a 2000 movie directed by Ridley Scott that has a combination of action, adventure, and drama. It entails betrayal, bravery, and survival, which is set in the ancient era of the Roman Empire. General Maximus Decimus Meridus (Russell Crowe) impersonates the role of Maximus brilliantly as an...

Solidarity and the Common Good for an Authentic Global Family

Globalization is one of the historical processes that cannot be neglected because it determines the quality of human life, as well as interpersonal relationships. When people prefer globalization over other concepts, they accept interaction between independent cultures and traditions. Not to be lost in a variety of available options and...

Spirituality in Health Care

Introduction Elizabeth Kübler-Ross stages of grief explains the manner in which somebody copes with grief or the tragedy that occurs especially in the event that the person is experiencing a tragedy accompanied or involving catastrophic loss. She describes the grief process in a five stage model and first concentrated on...

The Current Trading Environment of Airbus

Abstract Airbus is a manufacturer of aircraft, spacecraft, and military technologies. The company operates in the aerospace industry, in particular in the sectors of commercial aircraft, defense and aerospace systems, civil and military helicopters. This paper provides a brief company history, current situation overview, internal and external analysis, evaluates challenges,...

Causation and Effectuation in Business

Introduction Understanding how an entrepreneur makes decisions when chasing entrepreneurial opportunities is important in the business field. Recent literature has employed the causation and effectuation concept to explore the variations in the internal logic of making decisions between novices and professional entrepreneurs. Causation is goal-oriented and will uncover the means...

Flannery O’Connor and Her Moments of Grace

Introduction Few writers inspire as many controversial thoughts as Flannery O’Connor does. Yet, the sense of controversy is exactly what distinguished her writing. O’Connor wrote stories that were filled with violence, despair, and loss. These themes are not accidental, as she viewed violence as having the capacity to uncover the...

The Struggle Against Slavery Was for All

Introduction Early American history is one filled with struggle and determination from various groups that sought to achieve certain freedoms and rights that cost them a lot. The African American community was one such particular group that fought various forms of oppression in America, including slavery and inequality. Greater introspection...

Decision-Making and Performance in Business

Introduction What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? The answer to this question is proper decision making and performance of the business contributed by the entrepreneur determine the prosperity of the business. Decision-making goes hand in hand with performance in the business. The performance of the business is...

Impacts of Stress of Low Income on the Risk of Depression in Children

Introduction Childhood poverty is a pervasive and prevalent societal problem with significant adversarial impacts on their mental health. Findings from multiple studies illustrate that young ones from impoverished backgrounds are at an increased risk of developing depression than those in a high socioeconomic environment. Notably, households with low levels of...

Demographic Changes and the Future of Real Estate

Introduction Demographic change refers to changes in the size, composition, and distribution of a population over time. Real estate includes the rights of ownership and use; everything immovable and tangible that comprises property can be classified as real estate, including houses. Basically, anything natural or man-made which has a value...

  • Performance
  • Relationship

“The Epic of Gilgamesh”: Analysis of Cultural Specifics

Introduction The Epic of Gilgamesh is one of the most interesting, essential, and significant monuments of ancient literature, often becoming the object of deep and comprehensive research. This epic narrates about the legendary king of Uruk Gilgamesh, his friend the savage Enkidu, and the search for the secret of immortality...

New Consumerism in American Society

Introduction This paper is based on the topic of consumerism. It explores the topic by looking at the problems of new consumerism and how they may be addressed. It is argued that new consumerism is exacerbated by the conventional view that the consumer knows it all. The paper is based...

Analysis of Stories: The Gold-bug and Other by Edgar Allan Poe and In Our Time by Ernst Hemingway

The concept of foreign or foreigner in story writing does not merely mean one person living abroad away from home. The idea of alien or foreigner in comprehends the tone of narrators when they tell the story of characters whose surroundings including objects are unfamiliar. Being foreigner or in foreign...

Evidence-Based Practice Role in Healthcare

Abstract Evidence-based practice (EBP) has revolutionized healthcare, and as such, this essay explores how it relates to research and global health. In Part A of the essay, the benefits of EBP, which make it one of the crucial pillars that underpin contemporary healthcare are examined. These benefits include higher quality...

Food and Drink Industry’s Innovation and Barriers

Executive Summary The paper presents a study of the innovation in food and drink industry, specifically fast food sector. The fast food sector has innovated itself to meet the changing consumer need and therefore have invested in biotechnology, food technology and robotic sciences. They have invested in development of skilled...

History of Slavery and Its Impacts

Introduction and Thesis The concept of slavery in the contemporary society has undergone a gradual transformation. Though previously thought to have been abolished in the early nineteenth century, slavery has found its routes and continues in the modern society affecting the majority population worldwide. Modern forms of slavery include forced...

The Role of Family in Childhood Obesity

Abstract Childhood obesity is a public health problem that has been increased during the last decades. Families and healthcare providers develop numerous interventions in order to provide their children with a chance to avoid obesity complications. This research proposal aims at discussing the steps of future research in terms of...

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield: Mission, Vision and Values

Introduction In order to operate efficiently and expand its operations Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield should have a strategy that reflects its vision for long-term development and responds to the difficulties that a company may encounter. The company’s mission, vision, and values statements offer an understanding of the strategic direction...

Determinism and “Free Will” by Derk Pereboom

Determinism is a well-established school of thought, arguing that all actions performed are entirely determined (hence the name) by psychological, biological, or other causes. Thus, all actions are entirely rational and could be explained. Sometimes it also precludes free will, since if all human actions are determined by their experience...

Social Effects in the West After World War II

Introduction The WWII changed social environment in Britain and created new challenges and opportunities for the population. The principal weakness of the political system has been just the opposite: a tendency toward domination by organized interest groups, businesses, and the privileged classes. Indeed, most have heartily approved of mass political...

  • Intelligence
  • Ancient History

Medical Analysis of Bipolar Disorder

Introduction Previously known as manic depression, bipolar disorder is a psychological condition which affects moods causing them to swing to extremes. Bipolar disorder is a disorder of the brain and is a manic depressive illness which also causes shifts and swings in energy and activity levels hindering the ability of...

“Life of Pi”: Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Survival

One cannot say that the book “Life of Pi” is devoted to animals, like, for instance, the books by Seton Thomson or Gerald Durrell, who express their love of wildlife in books. In contrast to them, Martel presents a philosophic and religiously oriented account of the life of a human...

Alternative Medicine as a Healing Method

Introduction Since all people desire to be healthy, medicine is one of the most demanded services sectors. Over the past centuries, there have been many different ways of healing; some of them are common and accepted by everyone; others are rather controversial. In the 1990s, doctors started realizing that alternative...

A New Online Tailor Shop’s Marketing Plan

Introduction The digital business gained popularity due to its convenience and availability. For example, in 2017, approximately 40% of Internet users shopped online more than once (Ijaz & Rhee, 2018). The COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown forced the global population to transition to an online mode, increasing consumers’ preference for...

Supreme Sports 2 Implementation Plan

Introduction The plan outlined here is to improve Supreme Sports’ productivity (SS2) to realize more revenue and profits in their business. There are short-term and long-term goals, running from months to more than three years respectively. Long-term plans include activities that will last for years, while short-term plans involve events...

Scientific Management Theory: Strengths and Weaknesses

Introduction All organizations need to develop an effective and successful management strategy in the modern world. This process includes planning, organization, motivation, and control to form a fruitful function of the company, which will contribute to the achievement of goals and objectives. One of the practical and proven methods of...

EHang Passenger Drones’ Marketing Plan

Executive summary Automated aerial vehicles (AAV), also known as drones that were previously used only in military operations, gained increased popularity worldwide in civic life. EHang, located in Guangzhou, China, is one of the first and most successful intelligence technology companies that has been producing AAVs for various purposes since...

Solution for the House Purchasing Scenario

Background The purchasing of a house is one of the most complicated financial decisions people make. It requires significant efforts to choose the most suitable option, taking into account all the current and potential necessities of a family. The vital point is the price of a house and other related...

How to Style Your Living Room Like a Designer

Modern people have quite a hectic life, especially those living in urban areas, and seem to be working 24/7, giving to the world the best of their selves. Of course, it is vital to keep something for oneself, and creating a cozy space for your body and soul is a...

Megatrends in the Real Estate Market

Over the past few years, the global real estate market has been at the center of dynamic economic and social changes. Accordingly, its players have faced new risks and opportunities. While most of these trends can already be tracked and analyzed, investors and developers still underestimate their impact on their...

  • Discrimination
  • Mental Health

Canada’s Economy: CUSTFA and NAFTA

Introduction Reform strategies, including abolishing price restrictions, deregulation of capital markets, reduction of trade-based barriers, and commercialization and austerity, are examples of neoliberalism today. Mexico, Canada, and the U.S. came into agreement with the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in 1994. The free-based trade agreement went into effect on...

Modern Nation-State Concept and Characteristics

Introduction The modern nation-state has the following four main characteristics: self-rule, organized form of government, has territory to rule and population to govern (Foresman, 2003). Self-rule is the characteristic that shows the sovereignty and independence of a nation-state in its self-goverthe ning ability and not a colony of any external...

Party Politics in America by M. Hershey

Introduction Party Politics in America is a chef-d’oeuvre book by Marjorie Randon Hershey. The book centers on the political parties in the United States of America and it emphasizes the role of politics in the American society. The book analyzes modern political parties coupled with their organization and funding. The...

Biomedical Ethics in Christian Narrative

Introduction The case study of ‘Healing and Autonomy’ demonstrates how Christians can make inappropriate decisions regarding the treatment of their children. In the case study, Mike and Joanne are parents who have an ailing son, James. The parents contemplate providing the best care for their son, according to their Christian...

Eysenck’s Biological Theory of Personality

Introduction Biology is regarded to play a certain role in the development of specific characteristics related to personality. Similar genes inherited by children from their parents influence their behavior. Although this approach might be argued by some psychologists, the impact of biological differences in personality is obvious. The purpose of...

Sociology, Its Theories and Technology in Society

Sociology as a social science French philosopher, Augustine Comte in 1839 introduced the idea of sociology. This term is resultant of the Latin word, “society” which refers to society, and the Greek term, “Logos” which is taken to imply the study of science. Therefore sociology is the science of society....

The Fundamental Role of Artificial Intelligence in the IT Industry

Introduction As the progressively evolving phenomenon in computer science, artificial intelligence is aimed at machine learning and providing software to address the problems in a way similar to human intelligence. Artificial intelligence facilitates the process of digitization and its impact on the further development of traditional companies. High-tech leading companies...

Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House as a Tragedy

Introduction Henrik Ibsen’s play A Doll’s House uncovers many unpleasant things about family life and men’s inclination to force women into submission in marriage. However, it is more than merely one of the sad stories of females’ subjugation. In the course of the plot’s development, Ibsen demonstrates the process of...

European Cinema. Krzysztof Kieslowski’s Films

Introduction Krzysztof Kieslowski is one of the most unique and outstanding filmmakers of the XX century who concentrates on themes of memory and survival related to Jesus Christ and universal values of existence. In A Short Film About Love, the Decalogue, The Double Life of Veronique Kieslowski, offers the exceptional...

The Procedure of Diagnosis and Treatment

Introduction Medical practice often encounters cases in that one disease is supplemented by another, which complicates the diagnosis and the choice of the right treatment. In addition, curing measures should cover both the primary diagnosis and its accompanying symptoms to achieve results. The purpose of this paper is to show,...

  • Public Relations
  • Childhood Obesity

Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis Book I and II

Introduction The book Persepolis I and II, reflects on the life of Marjane Satrapi, an Iranian girl who fled to Vienna in Australia after the Islamic revolution in 1979. This occurred after the Iranian warfare augmented the government’s authority over its people. Satrapi’s parents saw the need to send their...

Betty Smith Williams Reinventing the Theory and Practice of Nursing

Defining the revolutionaries in nursing, one must mention Betty Smith Williams as one of the most prominent contemporary contributors to the development thereof. Born July 22, 1929, she has the Doctoral Degree (UCLA) in Public Health, the Master Degree (Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland OH) in Nursing, and the Bachelor...

Communication Problems in Management

Effective Communication It is essential to promote the use of effective communication to increase productivity and performance in the workplace. Organizations that have communication issues tend to lag in their performance. Some of the benefits of effective communication include fostering understanding among employees and employers on the expectations of their...

Overview of the Theories of Criminology

Introduction Criminology refers to a body that focuses on crime as a social phenomenon. Criminology includes making the laws, breaking the laws, and reacting to the laws. Criminologists adopt several behavioral and social sciences and methods of understanding crime. In addition to this, they use several methods to measure the...

Racial and Ethnic Inequality: Annotated Bibliography

Assari, S., & Bazargan, M. (2019). Unequal associations between educational attainment and occupational stress across racial and ethnic groups. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 16(19), 3539.  Summary of The Occupational Stress Disparities The US work market is known to oppress racial and ethnic minorities and place most...

Eli Lily and Ranbaxy Laboratories Joint Venture

A joint venture involves a business partnership between two businesses that intend to benefit from the partnership but also deal with the risks of cooperating. The venture is guided by law that defines the nature of attachment. The following analysis involves a joint venture between Eli Lilly and Company from...

Mental Health in New York City: The Effect of COVID-19

Originating as a cluster of unexplained cases of pneumonia in Wuhan, China, the new coronavirus disease, officially designated COVID-19, was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization in 2020. The SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 has spread rapidly in China and other countries of the world. One of the...

Caesar’s Fame and Influence on His Succession

Caesar’s name and posthumous reputation were significant in deciding the outcome of the power struggle that followed his assassination. The death of Caesar initiated a civil war that pitted his nephew Octavian and one of his assassinators, Anthony. Before his death, Caesar was highly respected and feared as the most...

Oedipus Rex & Hamlet: Compare & Contrast Essay

In this compare and contrast essay, Oedipus Rex and Hamlet’s characters are analyzed and discussed. Being the creations of two different authors, they still resemble each other in some exciting ways.  Introduction: Similarities between Oedipus and Hamlet Oedipus is a character of Sophocles’ Oedipus the King. He searches for the...

Nursing and Patient Care Delivery Models

Introduction The reform of health care delivery in the U.S. is aimed to eliminate health care disparities and provide cost-effective and qualified care to diverse socioeconomic groups of the population. Therefore, the roles of the registered nurses and their practice are expected to change significantly in the future. The purpose...

  • Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Western Civilization

The Manufacturing Sector of Singapore

Singapore is a country that has relied on the manufacturing industry to develop its economy. A manufacturing sector is a unit in the economy that deals with the processing, production, and development of goods from raw materials. It involves the biomedical manufacturing, electronics, precision engineering, general manufacturing, transport engineering, and...

Energy: What Everyone Needs to Know?

Tombstone The book titled “Energy: What Everyone Needs to Know” was written by Jose Goldemberg – a famous Brazilian physicist, research scientist, and scientific leader of the renewable energy community. He is one of the world’s leading experts on energy and environmental issues. The book was published in 2012 by...

Trauma of Internment for the Nikkei Family in No-No Boy

Introduction John Okada’s No-No Boy recounts the story of challenging cultural identity of a Japanese American young man named Ichiro. In the midst of a bloody conflict with the Japanese, the United States undertook a radical move of creating concentration camps for those of Japanese origin, whilst still requiring these...

Design of Enterprise Systems

Compare information systems in business The use of Information Systems (IS) in business is often a key factor in organizational success. Different classifications of IS exist as researchers identify from three to five levels of the use of data. It is possible to identify three types of IS: transaction processing,...

Suicide as a Major Mental Health Challenge

Nurses should use their competencies and philosophies to provide evidence-based and timely medical services to their patients. Those working in the field of the mental field should be aware of the problem of suicide and address it effectively. The purpose statement for this discussion is that many practitioners have ignored...

The Promoting of Effective Board Governance

Introduction The organizational structures, especially companies, are different and more complex from those of smaller ones. While sole proprietorship and partnership consist of just the management team, larger organization and companies in particular (both profit making and non profit making organization), usually have boards of director which is the organization’s...

“As You Like It” by Shakespeare

The Shakespearean play ‘As You like it’ is an exploration of love and marriage presented in a comic setting. The main characters of the play are active participants in what some might classify as the typical love/hate relationship. The relationship among these characters reflects vastly on the bard’s own feelings...

Geology and Formation of Lake Erie

Abstract This present paper explores the process of formation of the Lake Erie basins that were conditioned by glaciers. Glacial erosion which carved out the lake beds and the subsequent deposition of huge amounts of sediment led to the formation of the eastern, central, and western basins of Lake Erie....

A Philosophical Puzzle from John Locke’s Perspective

Introduction The physical tangibility of material reality and the extent to which it is dependent on the personal perceptions of an individual is, perhaps, one of the most contentious topics that have been discussed throughout the history of philosophy. In the famous dilemma of a falling tree, the question of...

Physician’s Assistant vs. Nurse Practitioner

Introduction Nurse Practitioners (NP) and Physician Assistants (PA) are both feasible substitutes in the medical schools. They are equally essential professions in the delivery of worthy healthcare. However, the two occupations have similarities as well as differences when viewed from different perspectives. For instance, NP is a listed nurse qualified...

  • Manufacturing
  • Climate Change

Chemical Peel and Microneedling in Cosmetology

Introduction Advances in cosmetology have led to the development of novel ways of dealing with skin issues such as acne, scarring, solar lentigines and wrinkling. Chemoexfoliation (chemical peeling) is the directed cutaneous ablation produced by precise caustic agents (Soleymani, Lanoue and Rahman, 2018). Conversely, microneedling is a dermaroller procedure that...

Researching Retail Pharmacy

Summary Pharmacology can be defined as the field of science that deals with the source, essential qualities or characteristics, chemistry, consequences and uses of drugs; or the analysis of the science and clinical application of medications; the detailed critical inspection of drugs, their sources, essential qualities or characteristics and properties....

Adolescent Development in “Little Man Tate”

The human development process is highly complex, multifaceted since any person throughout their life experiences many events, each of which affects the formation of their personality. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to understand the way of thinking of another character. Fortunately, many psychological theories allow analyzing the behavior of people....

Stretch-Shortening Cycle (SSC) and Exercise

Summary The Stretch-shortening cycle (SSC) is based on pre-stretching and resistance principles that occur during typical human movements, such as jumping, walking, running, bending, and extending the arms. Pre-stretching improves performance during exercise and is linked to storing and releasing energy in the tendon. Specific training methods enhance preliminary muscle...

An Ideal Society: Justice, Peace, and Security

Summary The concept of an ideal society has been extensively discussed, for it is every man’s dream. The subject, however, lacks a perfect explanation, and there exist numerous perceptions from various individuals in the modern world. In this article, I present my model of an ideal society which possesses key...

Stabbing Cases in London in Relation to Durkheim’s Criminological Theory

There are different ways crime and deviance are perceived in various places and periods. The two main questions about criminal and deviant acts are what constitutes such an act and whether it should be punished. Then, there emerge other important subsequent questions about punishment or its alternatives. If punishment is...

COVID-19 Pandemic: Social Media Response by the American Government

Introduction Topic: Initial Social Media Response to Covid-19 by the American Government Stakeholder: Joe Biden – the representative of the American government Disagreement within stasis: We disagree with how the government used social media, downplayed the pandemic’s dangers in its early days, and sidelined experts when WHO raised concerns about...

Taxation and Wealth Redistribution in Hong Kong

Introduction Hong Kong is a very attractive city business wise, and currently many business people are willing to invest in it due to its enticing tax policies. Taxation is a very important factor for investors who might be considering new avenues for their business. Many countries of the globe are...

Discussion: Airport Rapid Development

Introduction Since the first airplanes were relatively light and developed low speeds, not requiring a long run on takeoff or landing, they could use small flat areas as an airfield. As a consequence, airports for such planes were located in any suitable places convenient for servicing the population. They had...

Price Discrimination: Principles and Applications

Pricing strategy Price discrimination is a practice where different customers are charged different prices on goods and services that are identical. While single pricing is charging the same prices to all customers for all the goods and services being sold, in this case, customers are sure of the price and...

Australian Stock Market Energy Sector: Investment Analysis

Introduction There are mainly two reasons why persons invest their self-managed superannuation fund in the stock market. The first reason would be to gain money from the stock market price fluctuations. An investor would invest in one stock like Caltex Australia today with the hope that he or she will...

Renaissance and Baroque Epochs Analysis

The course of human history and the process of the development of human society may be schematically represented as the stairs, where each stair is a definite historical epoch. Such stairs or stages of the development are the Renaissance and Baroque. If the reasons for choice of these particular epochs...

What Is True and What Is Believed to Be True

This essay answers the question “How can the different ways of knowing to help us to distinguish between something that is true and something that is believed to be true?” A good understanding of the different ways of knowing is basic to explaining how they can be of use in...

Structure and Functions of the USA Federal Government

Introduction The United States government is an organized and logical system that ensures a fair distribution of power for decision-making. It consists of such branches as legislative, executive, and legal, which have different functions and prevent the usurpation of power by representatives of another branch. In this way, the Constitution’s...

Commodity Trading Advisor: Skills and Practice Analysis

Abstract The first question I need to ask myself is who I am and why I am being called a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) and not just a general businessman? A CTA is a person who oversees and manages one or various accounts for each of his clients for compensation...

The Sabra and Shatila Massacre: The Real Victims

The new generation is infatuated with innovative visual imagery and aesthetically pleasing portrayal of violence. It sounds disturbing but is arguably quite logical. People may not be ready for films like Passion of the Christ, or I Spit on Your Grave, but they have evolved to the point of enjoying...

War and Security in Terms of Political Theories

The Significance of Theory For some, international conflict is inevitable due to its innate human nature. Realists believe war is a part of a never-ending cycle of violent confrontations between the states. Liberal thinkers tend to assume that the causes of war are connected to the institutions. They argue continued...

Roman Aqueducts: Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography Baiocchi, Valerio, Claudio Alimonti, Giorgia Bonanotte, and Gabor Molnar. 2020. “Geomatic Measurement of “New Aniene” And “Claudia” Roman Aqueducts for Flows Estimation.” IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 949: 1-8. Web. The author’s topic revolves around the measurement of the geometric properties of two major aqueducts of...

Describing of Basic Substances of Life

Introduction Traditional Chinese medicine has a fundamental and very different outlook on human health developed and supplemented for over two thousand years. While modern Western medicine is reactive, focusing on the treatment of disease, traditional Chinese medicine focuses on health to prevent disease. This work in its content describes the...

Comparing Opposite Views on Gender: National Organization for Women vs: Concerned Women for America

Gender identity is one of the most important aspects of every human’s life. Different organizations take very different stands on the question of gender identity, according to their values and political affiliations. In this essay, two such organizations are compared: a feminist union, National Organization for Women, and Christian-centric Concerned...

Accor S.A.: Social Media Marketing Plan

Executive Summary Accor Group is a reputable worldwide leader in hospitality services. During the recent years, the company was working hard on revamping its social media strategy, starting from proactive use of customer-oriented website to active engagement in digital event management. However, as the company is currently more focused on...

Violence in Joseph Rodriguez’s Photographs

Introduction Joseph Rodriguez’s photography is considered a meditation on the different types of violence in poor communities in East Los Angeles. Being a former drug user, Rodriguez took pictures of the gang life to escape his addiction and show how hatred and cruelty can destroy families and children’s lives (Martinique)....

The Enzymatic Activity of Alkaline Phosphatase

Introduction This entire laboratory project consisted of four parts, in each of which the enzymatic activity of Alkaline Phosphatase was sequentially prepared or studied. Table 1 shows the absorbance data for each of the six test tubes: as can be seen, the difference between them was the concentration of the...

Non-Verbal Communication and Customer Satisfaction

Introduction For companies that are responsible for offering services to customers, employees come into direct contact with clients. Consequently, the manner in which they articulate their verbal and non-verbal communication greatly contributes to customer satisfaction. In every transaction made between a service provider and a customer, their communication is split...

Gorilla’s Reproduction Cycle, Behavior and Social Structure

Introduction All animals are characterized by a unique reproduction cycle, behavior, and social structure. Members of the same species share such bithe ological and social characteristic hence the reason why each species is distinct and unique. Gorillas are a group of mammals classified as primates. The same group contains humans,...

Literature Comparison: “Lust” and “Sex Without Love”

Introduction The story ‘Lust’ by Susan Minot is very sensational and describes the carefree life of young college students who are keen to enjoy life without giving much consideration to the consequences involved. In this book, the narrator is a young college girl. She brings her audience to a world...

Employability and Professional Development

Introduction A thorough understanding of the level we are in our career development, and an analysis of the capacities we have allows us to construct a professional development path that will catapult us to the desired position of our career goal. In our assessment, we recognize what we have already...

Comparison of Three Codes of Ethics

What elements do they have in common? The main similarity between how AAMFT, APA, and ACA’s disciplinary codes refer to the implications of a Hippocratic Oath (do not harm), within the context of how these organizations’ affiliates are being expected to go about executing their professional duties, is that the...

NCIS TV Series: Narrative Structure and Characters

Although NCIS cannot be considered the longest running show in the U.S. primetime broadcast, it has definitely cemented its position as one of the most popular TV series. Started in 2003, NCIS centers around a group of people belonging to the titular department and solving crimes, which might seem as...

Zen Buddhism in America

Introduction Zen Buddhism is a separate school of Mahayana Buddhism that emphasizes mindfulness and meditation practices as the path to achieving enlightenment. According to Wienpahl, the basic principle of Zen is that it cannot be transferred through books as “the heart of the matter is a practice” (3). Although meditative...

Criminal Justice Security: Victimization in the US

Introduction Different perspectives on crime can be worth examining, and, increasingly, the significance of the victimization view becomes acknowledged. For example, the National Center for Victims of Crime [NCVC] (2008) and the Office for Victims of Crime [OVC] (2015) emphasize the importance of paying attention to victims. In the United...

Accounting for Decision-Making. Dakota Office Products

Introduction When Dakota Office Supplies was confronted with the problem of reduced profits despite having improved sales the company identified the reason for such a scenario as the weaknesses in the costing system. Therefore the company proposed to introduce ‘Activity Based Costing System’ (ABC) in their organization to improve the...

The Response of the American Society Against Oppression

There were several responses form the American society towards the oppression. However, it was clear that oppression existed even before the World War 2. At that period oppression had a different dimension mainly focused on racism and growers in plantation. The blacks were discriminated against the distribution of national resources....

Women’s Role in “Top Girls” Play by Caryl Churchill

Caryl Churchill is the Playwright of the famous Play ‘Top Girls’ which captures a charming and amusing approach of some of the famous women in history and the role of women in contemporary society. The story has been described on the thematic structure of feminist ideas of women’s role in...

“The Giver” by Lois Lowry: The Role of Emotions

It is impossible to imagine the life of human beings without emotions. Every moment, event, object, and piece of information, people interact with provokes feelings that vary in sentiment quality and thereby differently affect our experiences and further life. Emotion is a principally unconscious mental reaction sent by the nervous...

Troy Maxson and Realism in “Fences” Play by Wilson

Introduction Readers cannot always pinpoint elements of fiction that makes it different from reality, which is reflective of the mastery some writers have in terms of constructing a compelling work of literature. Apart from the storyline, characterization has the ability to engage readers and make the story realistic and relatable....

Informational Security in a World of Technology

Education Methods Nowadays, the information security (IS) of healthcare systems of the state is considered an integral element of the overall work performance of a facility. In addition to a general security training program designed for each employee in an organization, specific training is needed to address information security tasks...

Healthcare Industry: Data Collection Tools

The need to improve quality in healthcare delivery through embracing efficient and cost-effective healthcare paradigms have evolved rapidly over the past decade (Davies et al, 2008). PineBreeze Health Services, a 300-bed public health facility, has recognized this need and is in the process of undertaking sweeping changes aimed at improving...

Patients in Undergraduate Psychiatric Nursing Experiences

Background The research study was undertaken by Gale Robinson-Smith, Patricia K. Bradley, and Colleen Meakim, of Villanova University College of Nursing. The authors’ contribution to the paper stems from several years of experience in the nursing profession, hence, the information contained in the paper is credible for use as an...

Black Boxer Jack Johnson Versus Jim Crow Laws

Case Presentation Jack Johnson became the first champion of heavyweight boxing of the world from the black community in 1908. This was during a time when African Americans were being subjected to racism and extreme segregation. On Independence Day of 1910, Jack Johnson won the Fight of the Century against...

The Coffee Truck: A Critique of the Business Project

Background Starting your own business always involves risks and economic threats; there is never a guarantee of success, no matter how effective the leader is. The initiation and profitable existence of a commercial project depend not only on the personality and skills of the leader but also on a combination...

Discussion of “Atonement” by McEwan

“Atonement” by McEwan is an amazing in its sincerity chronicle of lost time, which is led by a teenage girl, in her bizarre and childishly cruel way, overestimating and rethinking the events of adult life. Having witnessed the rape, she interprets it in her own way – and sets in...

Incorporating Telehealth into the Healthcare System

Introduction The need to improve patient care outcomes has influenced the research and development in various aspects of technology to enable hospitals and health professionals to deliver equal services to sick people in the healthcare system. The increasing level of digitalization has made healthcare units maximize the use of engineering...

Pharma Controversy: Vaccines and Autism

When was the medication introduced to the public? 1998 – infamous Andrew Wakefield’s article The MMR vaccine and autism connection 14 years later – new investigation Childhood vaccines and autism – no connection Nowadays – no legitimate evidence found 20% of people support this connection At the end of the...

Clostridium Difficile: Adverse Effects and Prevention

Abstract The present paper is a fact sheet devoted to Clostridium difficile infection that belongs to the number of common intestinal infections. In the paper, the following questions are considered: key information related to the infection, the range of symptoms and lethality associated with it, specific groups that are more...

Milk in the UK Market: Supply and Demand Analysis

Introduction A market economy strongly relies on its two main concepts – demand and supply that correlate under the conditions of a free market. Both demand and supply are affected by economic factors and shift according to the change in prices. However, there are external factors that influence these phenomena,...

More’s “Utopia” vs. Bacon’s “New Atlantis”

When it comes to utopia as a philosophical genre, one cannot forego the author who gave it its name. While More was far from the only philosopher attempting to envisage perfect society, it was his book that baptized such thought experiments as a proper type of a philosophical treatise in...

“Sweetness and Power: The Place of Sugar in Modern History” by Sidney Wilfred Mintz

Introduction In his famous book, Sweetness and Power: The Place of Sugar in Modern History, Mintz studies where and how the goods that were produced on the islands since colonial times were consumed. Spices (ginger, allspice, and nutmeg), beverages (coffee, chocolate), rum, and sugar were exported from the Caribbean region...

The Ministry of the Prophet: Meanings and Goals

The Calling, The Prophetic Voice, Character, New Covenant Prophets The ministry of the prophet is referred to as any ministry that depends on the gift of prophecy and revelations from God to guide the church to maturity or a specific direction. The prophetic ministry is seen most often in the...

Security Measures in Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Incidents

Introduction CBRN is an abbreviation for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) chemicals or devices used maliciously with the goal to inflict substantial injury or damage. According to Singh et al. (2016), “the global threat of a chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear (CBRN) disaster is an important priority for all...

Solid-Liquid Equilibrium in a Binary System

The cooling curves of the pure compounds and various mixtures were used to construct a solid-liquid phase diagram of the biphenyl and naphthalene systems. A phase diagram shows melting, freezing, vaporization, and sublimation. These graphs represent the temperature, pressure, and composition relationships. One of the easiest ways is to use...

Social Order, Its Nature and Future

Introduction The concept of order is quite difficult to both understand and interpret. The order itself is a set of elements and their interaction with each other. It is not easy to conceive of how people act according to preordained norms in either plan in today’s world. These can be...

Analyzing the Use of Water in Danticat, Roumain, and Marshall

The use of water in the three novels Roumain’s “Masters of the Dew,” Danticat’s “Krik? Krak!” and Paul’s “Praise Song for the Widow” has a symbolic meaning. The main innovation of the writers is the image symbol which replaces the traditional artistic image. The early forms of poetry and visual...

Orange Company: Customer Retention

Importance of Customer Retention The relationship of a company with its customers significantly affects every part of the business. Specific customer needs, for instance, often change the main course of the firm and influence its marketing, customer service and sometimes even production (Bai & Yafeng 2016). Thus customer retention is...

Observation of the Students With IEP

Introduction The purpose of this study was to observe the first-grade classroom of 15 students. Two of the students have a learning disability while one has a behavioral disability. They, therefore, have to learn according to the Individualized Education Program (IEP). According to Siegel (17), IEP may refer to several...

Artificial Intelligence: Use and Potential Risks

Artificial Intelligence Uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are nowadays utilized in a great variety of industries and sectors. For example, AI devices, such as machine learning and natural language processing, have become increasingly integrated into healthcare research. According to Jiang et al. (2017), the former type of device is primarily...

Childhood Obesity: Issue Analysis

Metabolic disorders of any kind are of major concern to health care providers because of their interference with routine hygienic activities. Certain complications would commence their pathological role since the early childhood days. This could lead to serious consequences in the later stages of life and needs to be curbed....

Smuggling in the Russian Black Market

Introduction Researches have revealed that; organized crimes in Russia are very common in which various anti-social activities have been very eminent in the Russian black market including the Mafia movement. Currently, the level of crimes in Russia in its market operations in the black market has grown so high to...

Compiere Software Capabilities and Its Suitability to Various Industries

Compiere software capabilities and its suitability to various industries Compiere is among the top developers of cloud-based open-source ERP including customer relationship management (CRM) system. The ERP software Compiere is applicable to a wide range of users such as businesses, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The software’s low cost...

Aspects of Intellectual and Cognitive Functioning

Two of cognitive ability assessments identified for comparison are the Comprehensive Test of Nonverbal Intelligence (CTONI) and the Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children. According to Neukrug and Fawcett (2010), the Comprehensive Test of Nonverbal Intelligence (CTONI) is a nonverbal intelligence assessment designed to measure intellectual functioning from ages 6 years,...

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What is 10 percent of 1500

Percentage calculator, what is x percent of y calculator please change values of the two first boxes of each calculator below to get answers to any combination of values. see details on how to calculate discounts, as well as, our discount calculator below to figure out percentages..

What is % of ?

X out of Y as a Percentage Calculator

What is out of ?

X is Y Percent of What Calculator

is % of what?

Using this tool you can find any percentage in three ways. So, we think you reached us looking for answers like: 1) What is 10 percent (%) of 1500? 2) 10 is what percent of 1500? Or may be: What is 10 percent of 1500?

See the solutions to these problems below.

How to work out percentages - Step by Step

Here are the solutions to the questions stated above:

1) What is 10% of 1500?

Always use this formula to find a percentage:

% / 100 = Part / Whole replace the given values:

10 / 100 = Part / 1500

Cross multiply:

10 x 1500 = 100 x Part, or

15000 = 100 x Part

Now, divide by 100 and get the answer:

Part = 15000 / 100 = 150

2) What is 10 out of 1500?

This question is equivalent to: "10 is what percent of 1500?" Or What percent 10 is out of 1500?

Use again the same percentage formula:

% / 100 = 10 / 1500

% x 1500 = 10 x 100

Divide by 1500 to get the percentage:

% = (10 x 100) / 1500 = 0.66666666666667%

A shorter way to calculate x out of y

You can easily find 10 is out of 1500, in one step, by simply dividing 10 by 1500, then multiplying the result by 100. So,

10 is out of 1500 = 10 / 1500 x 100 = 0.66666666666667%

To find more examples, just choose one at the bottom of this page.

  • Percent Change Calculator
  • Discount Calculator
  • Percent Difference Calculator
  • Percent Error Calculator

Sample Percent Calculations

  • 1 percent of 460000
  • 10 percent of seven-eighths
  • 8 percent of 325
  • 5 percent of 6
  • 7 percent of 20000000
  • 20 percent of 36000

Percentage Calculator

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How To Write A 1500 Word Essay?

An education system in a modern school or college assumes a plethora of writing tasks. There are many diverse types of academic papers that students must cope with while studying. One of the most frequent assignments is an essay. Read our article to find out how to write a 1500 word essay for your university tasks!

The classical template of this essay type should consist of only a few components: introduction, the body part that contains some of the student’s ideas on the topic, supportive arguments, and a summary that shows results related to your research.

The length of such an essay may vary. As a rule, it must be at least 300 words. However, in certain cases, your essays can become longer. One of the common lengths is 1500 words essay. This article will discuss a specific type known as a 1500 word essay along with the main distinctive features.

Feeling stuck with writing your 1500 word essay? Remember that you can buy assignment service easily. Of course, it is not an easy task, and not every student can deal with it timely. Still, if you follow the tips that we offer, you will not face any issues as you complete your 1500 words essay!

man is working

Starting your work on a 1500 word essay you should remember how to write an introduction for an assignment, because that it is not much different from a usual essay, it contains the same elements, follows the same structure and format, and thus, you can apply the basic techniques while writing it. The main thing that confuses the majority of students is the length of the text, and thus, they face questions like “how many paragraphs in a 1500 word essay” or “how long should an introduction be for a 1500 word essay”.

The answers to these questions depend on many factors. As for the paragraphs, the majority of teachers would advise you to include about 8 paragraphs and divide them into three parts – one for intro, one for conclusion, and the rest 6 paragraphs should make the main body of your text. The intro and conclusion have to be concise.

order essay

The best if you can fit the opening clause in a few sentences because this way you will have enough space to disclose the topic fully and provide good and solid arguments.

The length of the text itself can also vary. For example, if you are handwriting the paper, it should take not more than 2 pages of text, which is not too much; but if you are typing your work, it can be longer depending on the spacing, font size, and other nuances.

1500 Word Essay Structure

1500 word essay

Even though your content will differ, you should think about keeping your paragraphs clear. Avoid anything that is not necessary by editing and proofreading your paper. Check twice with your grading rubric and remember to follow every section that has been mentioned.

In most cases, your 1500 word essay structure will always remain the same:

  • Introduction. This is where you present your subject with the main objectives. The final part of the introduction must include a thesis statement. Do not forget to include a hook sentence to impress your audience. Your introduction must represent a certain problem or an argument, depending on what you are writing about.
  • Main Body. Writing your 1500 word essay structure remember the golden rule: one paragraph per idea! Still, it is not always possible when you must combine several ideas. This section is where you must provide evidence and data that supports your thesis statement. For example, statistical data, quotes, real-life examples, personal experience, or anything that would help support your thesis statement with empirical evidence. Since we are dealing with 1,500 words in total, consider making at least five paragraphs.
  • Conclusion. This section sums up your essay. Avoid introducing any new ideas and simply re-state your thesis statement by summarizing your arguments. Do not approach your final paragraph as something insignificant because college professors always read it with even more attention to learn about your writing outcomes. It is recommended to consider rhetorical questions if some additional research must be done.

Remember that your introduction should only provide background information with a thesis statement. Do not give any important information away yet! If there are any counter-arguments, they must be included in a paragraph preceding your conclusion.

How Many References For A 1500 Word Essay?

It will always depend on your subject and methodology. The number of references is usually determined by your teacher, but if it is not – you are free to use as many sources as you need to make your paper interesting!

But don’t forget about plagiarism! Only a unique work is worth scoring the highest grade, and thus, you should not add too many references. Keep the right balance between your ideas and information that supports your thesis. Moreover, cite each source of information properly to avoid issues with plagiarism.

How Long Should an Introduction for a 1500 Essay Be?

In most cases, the introduction should be approximately 10% of the total word count. Since we are writing a 1500 word essay, an introduction will be around 150 words unless specified otherwise.

How Long Does It Take To Write A 1500 Word Essay?

In most cases, students will cope with a 1500 word essay in 2-3 days if the topic is not too complex. Unfortunately, students always have little to no time because of their lack of skills in writing such works. However, writing 1500 words in a day is still possible for some students. It may take a few hours if some preliminary research has been done and if the topic makes you feel truly inspired.

Useful info: Choose the cheapest essay writing service

Therefore, the answer will always depend on a person’s skills, abilities, analysis of the grading rubric, and availability of relevant resources.

How Long Should a Conclusion For a 1500 word Essay Be?

This section, just like the Introduction, is 10% of the overall essay. It should be 150-200 words with the last sentence being a call to action. Your conclusion should not be too large with no implementation of any new ideas.

How Many Pages Are In 1500 Words?

If we are dealing with single-spaced paging, it results in 3 pages. If you are asked to implement double-spaced writing (like in MLA or APA style formats), you will end up with 6 pages.

How Many Paragraphs In a 1500 word Essay?

The 1500 word essay will range from 8 to 10 paragraphs, depending on your structure. If we take about 5-6 paragraphs for the body parts, adding first and final paragraphs, we end up with 8 paragraphs. Still, it is good to use as many paragraphs as you see necessary.

A Few Tips For A Great Paper!

  • Know the demands of your teacher. Different schools and teachers may have different requirements for such assignments – you should be aware of them and keep them in mind throughout the whole process of research and writing!
  • Start with a decent plan. Not everyone admits that creating an outline is important, but in fact, a good plan can not only save you lots of time but also simplify the process and help you create a better work!
  • Learn to manage your time – do not think that you have too much time to perform the work, better start in advance to have some extra time for proofreading!
  • Find a good template. Having a good example of work will assist you a lot, and thus, you should not hesitate to spend some time on searching for a good sample text, but remember not to copy someone else’s ideas!
  • Edit the work – don’t skip this step and re-read the text after some time to see what else can be improved and find some mistakes that you couldn’t see earlier.
Useful information: How to get a case study help from the best writers?

Where Can You Get Help With Such Task?

If you can’t handle the task – turn to a reliable and professional service for help! At you will get high-quality assistance from the best native-speaking writers and what is even better – you can get such help for cheap! Don’t waste your time – just ask us to do my essay for me !

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Solutions by » What is A% of B

What is 10 percent of 1500?

10% of 1500 is 150

Working out 10% of 1500

  • Write 10% as 10 / 100
  • Since, finding the fraction of a number is same as multiplying the fraction with the number, we have 10 / 100 of 1500 = 10 / 100 × 1500

If you are using a calculator, simply enter 10÷100×1500 which will give you 150 as the answer.

MathStep (Works offline)

10 percent of 1500 word essay

More percentage problems: 20% of 1500 10% of 3000 30% of 1500 10% of 4500 50% of 1500 10% of 7500 70% of 1500 10% of what number is 1500 10 is what percent of 1500

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  • Sep 1, 2015

Word Count Woes: Writing to a Word Limit

Count von Count

The toughest thing about law assignments is the word count. Yep, it's even worse than footnoting. At the start you think, “How could anyone have 1,500 words to write about constructive trusts?” But this soon becomes, “If I play with the margins, can I get away with an extra 400 words?”

If you’re WAY over the word count on your assignment, here’s what you can do next…

Don’t try to hide it

Tinkering with font size, margins and line spacing in a bid to hide those extra words is not a great plan. You might be able to get away with an extra 100 words, but markers can usually spot overly long essays. Same goes for writing 1500 words on the cover sheet when you’re just shy of 2000.

Check the faculty’s writing guide

Most law faculties will have a style guide for assignments, and there’s usually some leeway for word counts – my uni permits assignments that are 10 percent over or under the allocated word limit. So if the assignment is 2,500 words, you’re allowed to go 250 words over or under. That might not solve all of your word count dramas, but it’ll help.

Revisit your argument

Go back to the question and consider what it’s asking and what you need to say. Work out what’s absolutely essential and focus on getting that across. Lecturers won’t assign a question that can’t be answered within the word limit, and you may be overthinking your arguments.

Simplify your language

Sometimes the intricacies of an argument will call for extremely long sentences, but adopting a plain English writing style of shorter sentences and less flowery language will help to shorten your assignment, make it more convincing and easier for the marker to read and understand quickly.

Revisit your quotes

Whenever I start writing I always feel the need to reach the word count quickly. My short cut to doing this is to put in all my quotes from journals and cases early in the writing process. Not long after that, I’m well over the word limit and still haven’t covered everything.

The trick here is to go back and read all of your quotes – chances are you have a lot of sources saying the same thing (albeit very eloquently). Be brutal and cut out all but the best quotation on that point. If you’re faced with a super long quote, it may be better to summarise it.

Also tackle repetition in your own writing. Saying the same thing in five different ways may seem like a good way to emphasise certain points, but it uses up words that could be used for more interesting discussion. Using fewer words to get your point across can actually have more of an impact. Think about it – when we read judgments, we tend to ignore a lot of obiter in pursuit of that beautiful, concise ratio decidendi.

Footnotes are your friend

If a lot of cases or quotes say the same thing, keep the best authority or most persuasive quotation in the body of your assignment, and refer to the rest in your footnotes. You should check with your lecturer, but footnotes usually don’t count towards the word limit.

Sadly it’s not a free-for-all. If large chunks of text are in the footnotes, the marker might decide to include your footnotes in the word count. Use footnotes for additional examples and minor clarifications, and retain all of the central arguments in the body of your paper.

Practice makes perfect

I don’t always agree with William Shakespeare (especially on killing all the lawyers) but he was onto something when he said, “Men of few words are the best men.”

Writing concisely is an important lawyering skill. It might not be fun to learn, but think of all the lawyers and law students that will love your clear, concise judgments when you’re appointed to the bench!

FROM THE ARCHIVES: This story was first published on Survive Law on 19 September 2012.

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#study #writing #tips #memory

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What is 20 percent of an 1500 word essay?

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How long does a NHD essay have to be?

It depends on the essay. If it is a 20 minutes 3 paragraph time right I would go for 1-2 sentences quick summary and introduction. If in a real 5 paragraph essay 3-4 sentences max. It depends on the essay. If it is a 20 minutes 3 paragraph time right I would go for 1-2 sentences quick summary and introduction. If in a real 5 paragraph essay 3-4 sentences max.

How many pages is 650 words mla style?

About 20-25 minutes (depending on the speed at which you are writing)

Is it decrease of 20 per cent or decrease by 20 per cent?

Both are correct, depending on the context. If decrease is a noun then decrease of is correct. eg This year we have seen a decrease of 20 percent. If decrease is a verb then decrease by 20 percent is correct. eg This year we can decrease the price by 20 percent.

How many pages is a 10000 word essay?

There isn't a set number, it depends on how many words you'll have in a sentence, how many sentences you have in your paragraph, and it can vary durastically based on what you're writing about.

How much in one score?

A score is another word for 20.

What is 20 percent percent 0f 1500?

20% = .20.20*1500 = 300

What is the percent for 15 is what percent of 20?

15 = 1500% 20 = 2000%

What is 20 percent out of 1500?

What percent of 1500 is 300.

300/1500 * 100 = 20Therefore 300 is 20% of 1500.

What percent is 300 out of 1500?

The answer is 20%. The work is 300/1500 = .2 x 100 = 20%.

What is 20 percent of 150000?

20% of 1500.00= 20% * 1500= 0.2 * 1500= 300.00

What is the solution of 1500 less 20 percent?

1200 Actual calculation is (1500*((100-20)/100)

What is 20 percent leass than 1500?

What is 300 over 1500 as a percentage.

20 percent 30 1 . __ = __ = 20 / . 150 5

What is 20 percent percent of 7000?

20 percent is the decimal .20 You get this by taking the percentage (20) and dividing it by 100. Whenever you see the word "of" in a math problem it means to multiply so.... 20 percent of 7,000 would be the same as .2 x 7,000 =1,400

How many pages is a 4000 word 10 point typed essay?

at least 20 pages

What is 30000 divided by 20?


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How Many References are Enough for a 1500 Words Essay?


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You know one of those things that take a drastic turn when you are done with schooling and enter university academics’ domains? Referencing your essays is one of these changes. Till the school level, we are to write essays without worrying about referencing. At the university level, things get serious because you must cite the information you are claiming in the article.

Having this said, referencing your essays can turn out to be a real headache. This is one of the many reasons why students opt for essay writing services such as  the Writing Metier . Your concerns regarding how many references you need, how many footnotes you need and many more can be addressed once you hire such services to do your essays.

How many citations is good? How many references is bad? How many references should I have for such a length? Familiar questions? Of course they are, this should be the main reason you are here, reading this article.

In case you are wondering how do you reference multiple sources in a 1500-word essay and why is referencing even important, to begin with, we will be explaining everything to you in this article.

So let’s start with the first very common questions we keep hearing from students.

How many pages in 1500 words?

If you wonder how many paragraphs are 1500 words or how many pages in 1500 words essay, keep in mind that it will be around 4 to 5 pages. This further means that together with  the right amount of transition words , you would need sufficient references in the essay, and we will explain how that works.

Why is it important to reference your essays?

Academic reasons aside, when you reference your essay, it shows the marker that you have engaged in the subject at hand. Additionally, it is also crucial that you show that you have acquired and cited key sources to support the narrative you are sharing in the essay. When referencing your essay, it also shows that you have given a lot of time and attention to the essay through the materials and sources you cite. The more relevant and appropriate references, the better your essay seems.

Then again, it is not about quantity but quality. When it comes to referencing your essays, you need to go for sources that are accurate and suit the subject. With respect to  academic writing  integrity, one needs to acknowledge the writers’ work from who you took the inspiration and information.

Also, do not forget to check the citation style needed for your paper. One of the most popular styles is  APA citation style , the second place goes to  MLA , which is also popular in most universities, and then comes  Oxford , then Turabian,  Harvard , and others. Now, let’s come back to the right number of references.

Is there anything such as too many references?

The short answer: yes. If you are wondering how many references are enough, just be sure that you do not crowd your bibliography section. If you are citing the references in your essay just for the sake of showing off your knowledge or filling texts, it becomes obvious that you are in this for all the wrong reasons. Essays need to have a personal touch as well. If you keep filling them with references, you lose that personal touch.

When choosing sources, keep in mind that they contribute to the angle of the essay. The relevant questions, main points you are posing, the arguments you are contesting or supporting – these need to support them with sources to make the essay case strong.

Your teacher or the marker would like to assess you on your creativity, your thoughts and your own writing process. When you fill the essay with too many references, there is no room for one to share their own thoughts.

Generally, you need to use one to two references for the point you are trying to make. Roughly, for a 1500-word essay, this makes a minimum of 10 references. This, however, also depends on the topic or the subject you are covering in the essay.

To make things easier for you to understand, let’s break down the main contents for your 1500-word essay so you may know how and where to use references:


The introduction makes up for 10% of the essay you are writing. In this section, you can use one to two references to set the angle of the essay.

Now, this is where the real game is played. In the body paragraph, you make the real claims and all the arguments, which makes this part 75% of the essay. For instance, in the case of your 1500 word count essay, you need to write at least 850 to 900 words in this heading. For every main point, you need to write at least 2-3 paragraphs. Using primary or quality sources and direct or even secondary references (depending on the nature of the subject), you can support each point with 2-3 references.

Now here comes the remainder 15% of the essay. You may conclude the essay by supporting your finishing lines with 2-3 more references, for the entire paragraph. Just enough references that support the claims you are making.

What are the main type of sources in academic writing?

Citing sources in an academic essay is crucial for acknowledging the work of other scholars, avoiding plagiarism, and allowing readers to verify your information.

According to a general rule, below you will find a rough guide to the main types of different sources that you can cite in an academic essay:

  • Books. These can be scholarly books or textbooks that contain comprehensive information about a particular subject.
  • Journal Articles. Academic or scholarly articles, also known as scholarly journals, that have been peer-reviewed (reviewed by experts in the same field for validity and quality) are often considered the most reliable and credible sources of information.
  • Conference Proceedings. Papers and reports presented at academic conferences can also be cited in your essay. They are useful for accessing the latest research in a field before it gets published in journals.
  • Theses and Dissertations. Graduate students often conduct original research, and their findings can be useful sources for your essay.
  • Government Publications. These can be reports, statistics, laws, or guidelines published by a government department or agency.
  • Newspapers and Magazines. These sources can provide current events, opinions, and sometimes expert commentary.
  • Websites. Reliable websites, especially those affiliated with reputable institutions, government agencies, or respected organizations can be good sources. But, it’s necessary to evaluate their credibility thoroughly.
  • Interviews. Interviews with experts in the field can provide primary data for your research.
  • Reports. This can include annual reports, technical reports, market research reports, etc. They are particularly important in business, engineering, and science disciplines.
  • Data and Statistics. Sources that provide raw data, statistical analysis, survey results, etc., can be very valuable in many fields of study.
  • Patents. In scientific and technical essays, patents can be cited to show developments in a specific field.
  • Case Law and Legislation. In legal essays, cases and statutes are often cited as sources.

Remember that it’s important to use a mix of primary and secondary sources, and to evaluate the reliability and credibility of your sources. Also, you need to follow the citation style (like APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.) that’s prescribed by your professor or academic institution.

Now you know how many sources in 1500 words essay

If you are still in need of assistance, doubting how long is 1500 words, please contact our team, they will consult you on essay writing  and will help you with referencing academic sources for your essay at affordable rates.

This article serves as a complete guideline on the importance of referencing and how it needs to be done. If you are also wondering how many references you should put for a 2000 words essay, feel free to share your questions or ideas in the comments section.

We would appreciate your ideas and feedback, as it will help us to provide you with more tips in the upcoming articles.

Vasy Kafidoff

Vasyl Kafidoff is a co-founder and CEO at WritingMetier. He is interested in education and how modern technology makes it more accessible. He wants to bring awareness about new learning possibilities as an educational specialist. When Vasy is not working, he’s found behind a drum kit.

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